Time Voyager


Time Voyager is the work of 54 dedicated time travelers, who are knowledgeable about the ancient and medieval western world and are taking Western Civilization, I at Northwest Missouri State University in the Fall, 2017. Indeed, this entire website is our class project.

We as a team have striven to provide you with the most accurate information about the times and places contained in this site. Though, we recognize that history is interpretative and interpretations change over time.

We ask that you suspend your disbelief of time travel for a moment and take a look at how the ancient and medieval world can be presented to a modern audience.

[We do recognize that time travel is not possible…yet.]


Site Authors:

The Babylonian Empire

Austin Hall

Hannah Johnson

Devyn Martinez

Ryan Newell

Jared Turner

Ancient Israel

Hitomi Bacon

Eric Hallmark

Jennifer Runde

Max Wilkinson

Persian Empire

Lindsey Brechbill

Nathan Christensen

Khali Huff

Jesse Meier

Old Kingdom Egypt

Gabrielle Peek

Devin Prochaska

Jen Rueckert

James Washington

New Kingdom Egypt

Sarah Amos

Cameron Knowles

Remington Moore

Laryn Pinkston

Rachel Pistello

Classical Greece

Kara Goddard

Ryan Griesinger

Tanner Owen

Loren Puche

Alexandra Wilson

Imperial Rome

Darcie Bradford

Kari Cruthis

Dominique Delgado

Trevor Obecny

Muslim Spain

Tucker Baily

Breanna Buesing

Jacob Nyhagen

Joshua Smith

Megan Swanson

Carolingian France

Alexis Adkins

Brianna France

Emily Noyes

Nathan Powell

Viking Scandinavia

Brian Chaney

Benjamin Goecken

Blake Jones

Madison Magee

Tristan McCartney

High Medieval England

Dupree Dolor

Cheyenne Frank

Olivia Krohne

Breanna Mohr

Sydni Waters

Renaissance Italy

Trace Elliot

Ashley Engle

Tara Garcia

Britan Jorgensen