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If you are traveling with children, do not worry, there are things for them to enjoy as well! During the eighth century, there were activities that allowed children to prepare for the future. For example, young girls could enjoy playing with dolls, sewing and embroidering. The boys enjoyed pretending to be a soldier on a make-believe horse with a pretend sword. If you prefer for your kids to play together, they can take pleasure in a game of soccer or baseball. They may also want to take part in a game of hide-and-seek, tag or leap frog.

There were also sports for the adults to take part in while the kids were off playing. Some of the common activities included wrestling, stone throwing, and running races. During your free time, you may want to go swimming or join a swimming race. One sport that was important to the Carolingians was hunting. If you were looking for a challenge, it was best to try and hunt stags and boars. If you preferred an easier hunt, hunting beavers and wolves were generally known to be safer and less challenging. Whether you choose to hunt or take part in other sporting events, your day will consist of continuous amusement and so will your children’s.

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