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        St-Philibert at Tournus

Along with being an advocate for education, Charlemagne wanted an “ideally administered state” and a society that was suited to Catholicism. If you were born during this era, baptism would be introduced to you at birth traditionally, and you would most likely be given a Christian name. You would be brought up in the church and you would be expected to lead a Christian life. Growing up, you would be educated about your religion through a combination of growing up in the church, and your family passing down their morals and knowledge about religion. Teachings about religion would include beliefs like that of the holy trinity, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and after-life with regards to things like judgement day. Although Carolingians considered themselves catholic Christians, they still practiced some pagan traditions.

Catholicism dominated the Carolingian Empire because of Charlemagne. He wanted to conquer all of the “barbaric lands” to educate them and possibly convert them to Catholicism. It can occur to us that he thought of himself as a missionary of God and used his ruling and power to spread the word and get people more educated about Christianity. He was known to look down upon others that didn’t share these beliefs with him.

Image Source:
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