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Entertainment in High Medieval England


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       Jousting is a part of the melee tournament that tests strength and core. The victor of a joust is the Knight whom is able to knock their challenger off their steed with a javelin. The melee tournament is the perfect place for you, your friends, and your enemies to gather and get rowdy. If the ultimate goal in your life is to be “that guy”, you should check out the tournament and find out how you size up to other Knights.                                           


     Hunting is a versatile sport. Hunting for the poorer in medieval England was a good source of food and activity. However, hunting can be more exciting and prestigious but at a price. Hawking is a form of hunting that classified a person as elite if you have the right resources. Hawking if the form of hunting where a hawk, and trained to go out ahead of the hunter, seeking game. Whether you are trying to save money or willing to blow it just for fun, hunting is the perfect activity to fill your time.


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 Music, poetry, literature, and art have always had a spotlight throughout the ages. The medieval age was no different. The focus of stories and music is always changing but everyone loves a great heroic story or song. Medieval literature, poetry and art centered on the chivalry of men and epic tales of Knights. Theater performances during the medieval period were at the beginning of their peak. Theater was available to the masses and to the elite like hunting was, but of course with a twist for the wealthy. For those whom wish to travel on a budget, theater performances are available in the streets to watch openly. If you desire to have a more personal elite experience, you can book a personal theater performance for a higher price.