Time Voyager

Society and Culture in the High Medieval England

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  The main religion seen throughout this time period was Catholicism. Just like any religion, the churches were very important to the people. If you are a person that enjoys art, then you will enjoy going to visit these churches. A common way to show religion and faith was by creating graffiti on the walls of all the churches. The graffiti showed each person’s relationship with God, and it would also show the everyday struggles of a village. It really gives you a way to relate to the people during this time period.


Social organization

        If you were a man living in this time period, you would be considered the dominant gender because of your strong physique and mind. But women do not worry, you were also starting to become an important role in society. With sickness spreading around like wildfire, there was a need for population increase which is where the women stepped up. Man or woman, each person would hold themselves to a very high standard. Much like what we do today in America. A good reputation allowed an individual to climb up the social ladder, but only one bad rumor and you would fall right back to the bottom. Most people wanted this good reputation in the back of their pocket because it could help them out of sticky situations.




      Different forms of healing started to show during medieval England. Their medicine is not like our medicine in the present day. The two main forms were known as verbal and medical. Between the two, verbal was the most popular. Verbal healings were also called “charms.” If you are a fan of singing and chanting, then charms are the healing form for you. A doctor would sing or chant to the patient in order to help them feel better.