Time Voyager

Rock Carvings & Other Art Forms







Time travelers can view rock carvings in the Eastern Desert near the Wadi Hammamat from the Nile valley to the Red Sea, as well as, further south in Upper Egypt. The origination of these rock carvings is believed to span from prehistoric to modern times. During the Middle and Late Predynastic “Gerzean” period, art included stone vases, cosmetic palettes, jewelry, and pottery. Mace-heads, cylinder seals, and slate palettes were created in regions all along the Nile Valley. The artisans of the Archaic Period were skilled in the use of copper, blue glass, stone, ivory, fine jewelry, and furniture. Brick monumental buildings and mastaba tombs of the first and second dynastic rulers led to the structures seen in the Old Kingdom. Inscriptions on stelae and inside tombs assist historians and archaeologists in dating. Outside the mastabas at Abydos and Saqqara, stelae identified the rulers inside by name. The pictures found on tomb walls of the elite convey the agricultural life of the 5th and 6th Dynasties. These include cattle, plows, orchards, and vineyards. They also reveal a hierarchal system of manufacturing bread, beer, and wine.

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