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The family structure in Old Kingdom Egypt was unique for its time. Marriages were arranged, but were viewed as a team effort. The main purpose of marriage at this time was to produce offspring. Both parents were required to provide resources that would benefit the family; the men had to provide 2/3, and the women 1/3. Every household, during this time, had servants, whether free or slave, and the wealthy even had specific servants to attend to the beauty and cosmetic needs of both the men and the women. The upperclassmen were also privileged in the fact that their children had access to an education. Despite not having a formal law code, there were laws put in place to protect women at this time. For example, all property was passed down the matrilineal line and women were allowed to keep their own property while married. Women were also paid compensation upon being divorced by their ex-husbands.

Source: Alexendra Fix, The Histories, and Activities of Ancient Egypt,10.