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Imperial Rome

Welcome travelers to Imperial Rome! This section is covered by four dedicated time travelers. While we are sure you have looked at other regions first yet it is our turn to prove to you to travel to our region first! This section on Imperial Rome covers incredible architectural advancements, state of the art entertainment, a vast diet, a developing society, and its vast geography. We encourage you to watch the drone video of modern day Rome below before exploring our site! This video shows how far Rome has come over the years!

Source: TRAVEL BUG, ROME from above – A 4K Drone aerial view, www.youtube.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9qjf_qQI08 (Accessed November 9, 2017).

The four time travelers covering Imperial Rome each specialized in four different sections and teamed together to cover one. These five sections each have subsections going into more detail about the respective topic.

These five sections are as follows:


Important Sites     Entertainment     Food     Society & Culture     Geography & Climate