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Renaissance Italy is known for its arts in the form of paintings, sculptures, music, architecture, and more. So, if you love art, in any of its forms, come to Italy today and get the chance to meet many of its great artists. A few of the great artists are  Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci, and Raphael. Michelangelo is an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet. A few of his masterpieces include the Pieta, Creation of Adam, and the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Leonardo de Vinci is an inventor, painter, architect, and scientist. A few of his creations are The Last Supper as well as the Mona Lisa. Raphael is an Italian painter and architect. A few of his creations are The Triumph of Religion and The School of Athens.

Music is becoming an increasing interest in Italy today. Every day the number of people becoming interested is increasing. It is becoming a common belief that for a man to be considered an educated man, he must also be educated in music. It has become a standard in education, as well as many social events such as weddings, religious services, and even processions. This standardization is enabling composers to seek recognition for their work.


Of the many composers in Italy at this time, there is one composer that is said to be worth seeing. His name is William Shakespeare. A few of his more notable plays are Hamlet, Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, and Romeo and Juliet. These plays can be considered either a comedy or a tragedy. A comedy is a story of the rise in fortune of a sympathetic central character. A tragedy depicts the downfall of a basically good person through some fatal error or misjudgment, producing suffering an insight on the part of the protagonist and arousing pity and fear on the part of the audience.

Whether the play is a comedy or tragedy, they usually take place in what is called a theater. Just recently, theaters have begun the move from outdoors to indoors. Usually, outdoor theaters are within gardens, ballrooms, and assembly halls, and were not used for the purpose you typically think a theater would be used. They were using theaters for celebrations, but as they moved indoors, the use of theaters has begun to change to what we know them as today. The first permanent indoor theater is known as the Teatro Olimpico created by architect Andrea Palladio. Instead of wood beaming, they now have an open stage with heavy structuring and a permanent background.


A popular game that is enjoyed by many is called Pallone. This game consists of a ball being struck by a person using his fist. The ultimate goal of this game is to not let the ball touch your side of the field first.  Another game that is enjoyed by many is Maglio. This is when a ball has to be knocked into a certain spot. The player who ends up knocking the ball closest to the declared spot is the winner. Calcio is another favorite game that is enjoyed by many. The goal of the game is for young men to bring their football to the other side of the goal with the help of their teams of 25. There are many more games which test strength and skills, but ultimately people really enjoy games. Not only are games of skill and strength enjoyed, card games are also something that many enjoy during their free time. Two of the most popular card games are Frussi and Basetta. Frussi is when four cards are dealt to every player and the player who gets a four of a kind is the winner. Basetta is when a dealer lays down three cards, players then draw cards from the deck until one matches any of the exposed cards.

 Another major celebration that takes place is carnivals. For citizens, carnivals are the ability to escape from their everyday lives and escape from their personality for the day. This is a possibility because of the use of masks. Masks used to have an association with the devil, but they have recently lost that association. The association with the devil came because masks are used as representations of another person.