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Geography and Climate


The best time to visit Renaissance Italy is in the summer as the temperature is between eighty- three and ninety-two degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in Italy can get as high as one hundred degrees, but as low as forty-three especially during the winter.


Italy has some beautiful beaches such as Capri. Capri has a must see beach area in Marina Grande, which is child-friendly, disability accessible, free, and a contains a couple of beach clubs. It is also accessible by bus and taxi. The water within Capri is also very clean.

Another Beach that is must see in Sicily is Fontane Bianche. Fontane Bianche is a beach for younger people with great pubs and restaurants in the area. This beach is very popular among all tourist even though as mentioned a lot of the crowd tends to be younger and likes to have a good time. A bonus about this beach is that it is a free public beach.

The last beach is in the Elba area and is called Cavoli. Cavoli is a beach that many people will go to because of the clear water and soft sand. However, there is plenty of rocks for the daredevils to jump off of. There is free parking along the road leading to the beach as well as free parking on the opposite of the beach.

The most known mountain in Italy is Mont Blanc. This is one of the tallest mountains in the area as it stands 4,810 meters high. It usually takes two to three days to reach the summit on the most common route used. Thousands of tourist reach the summit every year.


Fontane Bianche Beach

Gnuckx, Fontane Bianche Beach Syracuse Italy – Creative Commons by gnuckx – panoramio (4). jpg, website, page #1/https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fontane_Bianche_Beach_Syracuse_Italy_-_Creative_Commons_by_gnuckx_-_panoramio_(4).jpg