Time Voyager


If you are thinking about time-travelling, them Babylonian Empire is a great place to go. They have extremely fertile land and it is a great place or families to go and visit, especially if you have money. Overall, the Babylonian Empire is a good place to go because of their farming, fishing, and hunting and the food they make from these tasks.

Babylon sits between two rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris. Due to their location, they are able to develop a canal system that irrigates the land and makes waterways that can be navigated. These waterways are able to carry almost as much as the caravan routes. The canal system allowed the Babylonians to farm a greater area of land, especially since they received little to no rain. In their large-scale farming Babylonians farmed cereal crops, specifically barley. For their large-scale farming, the Babylonians did have tools they could use. They would use spades to dig and they also had ploughs made of iron and wood and sometimes some stone. These ploughs allowed the seed to be dropped into the shaft and fall into the furrow and made planting easier.

While the Babylonians did farm, there is also evidence that they had slaves to help them. Some of these slaves were Babylonians that for some reason had to sell themselves, or had been sold, into slavery. However, other slaves were foreigners. Most of the slaves were paid, but were paid lower wages and did not have the rights of citizens.

During the Assyrian period, the noblemen enjoyed hunting trips. These hunting trips were no longer the necessity they once had been, but were for recreation. While hunting for birds was not enough of a challenge for the King, the ordinary citizens loved it. Kings hunted for bigger animals, including wild asses and wild goats. However, the Kings’ and noblemen’s favorite sport was lion-hunting. However, the Assyrian’s also used the Babylonian canals in order to fish. The amount of fish readily available in the canals led to fishing being an occupation. These fishermen used lines, but also had a variety of nets they could use. The canals made the fish very easy to catch. These canals also allowed for the Babylonians to have gardens with fruit.

The Babylonians had set up their city in an interesting manner. They had plots of land and these large pieces of land would have a house for a wealthier family as well as a couple of houses for families her were not as well off.

Overall, the Babylonian Empire would be a good place to go visit and learn more about the ancient world and their ways of getting food through farming, trade, and fishing.


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