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You will notice the terrain is dry. This is to be expected due to the surrounding deserts. Reaching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf Babylon runs on a rigid sandy plain with canyons in between.


The climate is mild temperate with dry hot summers and cold wet winters. We suggest you visit in between the end of winter and beginning of summer.With low precipitation the resources are not as readily available as in other regions. This is not to say that the Babylonian region did not have resources of its own. The weather is varying depending on which region is being occupied. In the Northern region the weather is more rainy but in the southern region near the Persian Gulf the weather is dry. The lower regions are more suitable for living and bulling homes since the weather is dry the citizens are able to take call from the ground and let it dry to build bricks into houses. The winters are mild, only reaching below freezing in the mountainous area. January is typically the coldest month. Sever snow storms rarely occur through the main land though occasionally the snow can build up with thick icy layers. The summers are very hot in the Babylonian region on occasion reaching the 100’s but can also drop to the low 40’s in the nights.


The city of Babylon is placed in the middle of two rivers known as the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The Rivers do not always put the city in good circumstances during spring due to the melting snow form the Taurus and Zagros to the mountains (To the North and North East of the region) in which the water flows through the rivers and overflows into the surrounding cities. So be aware of this when making your travels. Mother Nature is not forgiving. The melting of the mountains also provide fertile areas of growth which is a huge contrast to the lower Babylonian region.  
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