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Persian Empire

Have you ever wanted to get wrapped up in a society with a rich culture and history? Or how about a place where attractions and food selections seem endless? Well then look no further than the Persian Empire. Stretching over much of the Middle East in what is present-day Iran, the Persian Empire was a unique civilization that remained in power for hundreds of years in the BCE era. To travel back to this civilization is to travel back for an experience of a lifetime that includes warm weather, authentic cuisine, and a vast array of activities guaranteed to keep you busy. We hope to see you there!


Rating: 4/5

“My family and I visited Ancient Persia this summer. One of the places we visited was Dasht-e Lut. While there was a lack of access to water and I have developed a blistering sunburn, my experience a few miles away at the Museo di Archeologia Ligure was amazing!”

-George S.


Rating: 4.5/5

“Wow! My boyfriend and I attended the various festivals at Persepolis and indulged in the authentic Persian cuisine, which is to die for. I cannot wait to plan my next visit to Ancient Persia!”

-Gerdy G.


Rating: 3/5

“Started off as a great trip, I visited the various fire temples scattered across Ancient Persia and learned much about Zoroastrianism. Unfortunately, due to Alexander the Great’s destruction of various sites in Persia, I was unable to visit many of the places on my bucket list.”

-Susan M.