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The demand for food created several trading systems and routes throughout the empire, giving a sense of small-scale globalization and acculturalization. Publishing Director of the Ancient World Encyclopedia, Mark Cartwright, stated, “Regional, inter-regional and international trade was a common feature of the Roman world. A mix of state control and a free market approach ensured goods produced in one location could be exported far and wide” (Cartwright, www.ancient.eu). This system of trade left a very diverse diet from several different cultures for Rome. Below is a visual of the Roman Empire with imperial boarders, cities, and main roads. This shows the vast area of land that Imperial Rome had and gives the broad idea of the countries it traded with.

Source: Andrei Nacu, Map of Europe 125 CE, www.ancient.eu, https://www.ancient.eu/article/638/trade-in-the-roman-world/ (Accessed September 29, 2017)