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Viking Food

Viking Food


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  • Festival food: Meat served with porridge and turnips; the meat was usually complimented by mead which is the equivalent of alcohol (1). The festivities would not be hindered by simply meat and mead, but “They will dine on roast lamb. There will also be salted fish and pork, goat and plenty of fresh bread. For dessert, the Vikings will eat fresh fruit and a little honey on buttered bread”(2). Festivities were usually held in a public place like “Taste of Scandinavia” as you can see an edited menu from their down below.

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  • Everyday food: The Viking diet was relatively healthy and ahead of their time. Vikings would often have had “Leftover stew: a thin crust of fat has formed over a brown liquid which is made up of boiled lamb bones, beans, peas, carrots and turnips”(2) for the husband in the morning. They usually included mushrooms, plants, and berries to go along with the leftovers to make them more appetizing. The children were well fed as well with “bread and buttermilk,” in the morning; “cottage cheese, unwrapped from a soggy piece of linen to compliment the main course. They also had on the side some fruit, wild plums, or a crab apple that would also make a nice snack to ease the day. To top it all off, a little butter and stale bread completed the meal,”(2). Water to drink or ale for the father at lunchtime and you have yourself a typical meal plan for your everyday Viking household.


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